Stark Wax Company, (formerly, Strip waxing Studio) was one of the original waxing salons in Arizona, founded in September of 2010 by aesthetician, Erica Steel. We are a salon dedicated to the art of waxing. Strip Waxing Studio is located inside Signature Salon Studios in heart of Chandler, Arizona. Being a “suite style” salon provides the customer with the best service done exclusively by the owner of Strip Waxing Studio. We use only high quality wax and products paired with unique techniques to provide you a quick and efficient service. In addition to waxing, Strip Waxing Studio offers high quality retail products you can add to your daily regimen as this enhances the services you receive from us. Schedule an appointment today with Erica today. 

The Studio

The Waxologist

Prior to becoming an aesthetician, I spent 10 years in the airline industry as an aircraft router, a job that I loved and enjoyed doing. Due to a merge with another airline, my job was relocated to Pittsburgh and I was faced with an important decision. I could relocate with my job, find another job within the industry or start a new career. After realizing that I did not want to move across the country away from my family in addition to desiring a job that was satisfying, I decided to search for a new endeavor. I was currently going through skin problems of my own and while researching ways to fix the problem I found that my interest for skin care went beyond just wanting to help me. After a handful of trips to Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics as a client, I enrolled myself in the school and began my path to becoming an aesthetician. Although my initial interest was in corrective skin care, that quickly changed when I was introduced to the art of waxing. During one of my classes my instructor mentioned 80% of the services aestheticians perform is waxing over facials. From that point forward I realized waxing was a huge market but very underserved. I had recently graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU with a business management degree and decided to combine my two passions owning a business and waxing. From there Strip Waxing Studio was created and became the valley's first salon dedicated to waxing. Eight years later I'm still dedicated to improving your experience by taking continued education classes and trying new products. I believe adapting to new techniques and industry changes will only make your waxing experience better.

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