Give a gift set to those you love! This gingham box gift set includes FHF customer-favorite Sweet Cream Fine Body Scrub and Whoopie! Shea Butter Hand Cream, housed in a cute carrying case with bow and wooden spoon.

Whoopie! Shea Butter Hand Cream: Our white velvet buttercream Whoopie Pie dessert scent will make you swoon. Just like our other shea butter creams, the supple butters and Vitamin E packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin, without a hint of a greasy feel. Your gift recipient will be 100% silky soft and scrumptious. Plus, this 2.4 oz tube loves to travel. 90% natural. Vegan & Gluten-Free.

Sweet Cream Fine Body Scrub: A serious scrub that rubs and refines your skin into a silky softness you've simply never felt before! Use in the shower or bath tub-- just scoop, rub and scrub in circular motions. The light sweet cream scent is just heavenly and the fine grains leave skin feeling fresh, smoothed and looking radiant! Perfect for keeping cracked heels at bay. Made from the finest grain fresh sea salt and uniquely formulated around rice bran oil for its exceptionally high amount of vitamin E. Lightweight, non-greasy.

FHF Sugar Sugar Gift Set